Next, we present our cancellation and return policy to which we abide by for mutual satisfaction

Next, we present our cancellation and return policy to which we abide by for mutual satisfaction Policies about our service, its Terms and conditions and cancellation policy. First of all, we appreciate the trust placed in our company and we trust that your stay will be pleasant and that you will be able to enjoy our service and personalized attention for whatever you want, as well as enjoy benefits such as special prices, offers on purchases of other products available at our inventory stock and above all to be able to satisfy your desire for job growth and customer growth according to the nature of your business.

1- At the time of purchase you will have a maximum of 3 working days to be able to withdraw from the service if you wish by sending an email that expresses that you do not wish to continue with the service, after that period it is understood that the sale becomes in a final sale which does not give way to a refund of money since once the transaction is confirmed, the work process begins for the investment of your money.

2- Our service will be well explained by our sales executive and for your peace of mind through an email the working method, prices, monthly payments, investment cost, payment methods and product delivery method will be set. To which you must respond to our Email to be clear that it was understood.

3- Our service is fully active when you send a response email accepting the terms and conditions of the policy and the transaction carried out later, we only wait for the 3 days of transaction confirmation and we start the work.

4- For any disagreement with any of our services, you should call and let us know through the customer service department.

5- For the purpose of cancellation, the only acceptable way is by email, so we will cancel your services and give a cancellation number so that no charge is made to your account from that date, it is clarified that to avoid debits of monthly payments must be canceled in advance of your payment date and not later.

6- As part of our commitment to provide the best care, each worker has a Supervisor in charge who monitors the work in such a way that it is important to us that after each work process presented to you, it will be done by email and as confirmation of our good work should respond with a confirmation of this.

7- It is established that in the case of clients who do not like to answer our emails, as part of the work commitment we will insist on waiting for a response since it allows us to value our work and see how efficient we are being, If the client does not answer emails, we will see each other In the painful situation of suspending the service and continuing the situation, we will cancel the service releasing all responsibility with the client without refunds of money or continuity of service.

We appreciate your trust and we give the warmest welcome to this great family of Your Best Business Company. 

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